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[ AS SEEN ON TV ] 20FT Double Sided Tape Heavy Duty/Nano Tape Waterproof Removable Traceless Washable Adhesive Tape, Multipurpose Mounting Tape Alien Tape for Household Office Fix Items

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Product Description

double sided tape for walldouble sided tape for wall

Janker is a specialized provider of double sided Nano tape.

nano magic tapenano magic tape


Are you troubled about messy small objects?
Are you still worried about the wall damage caused by the pendant?

This nano tape double sided can solve your problems. It has ultra-high Sticky and will not damage the attached surface. The nano tape double sided heavy duty can replace traditional fixing methods that damage the wall such as screws and electric welding.
The nano adhesive tape double sided heavy duty is easy to use, it can be widely used in homes, offices, kitchens and bathrooms and even cars. It’s suitable for fix posters, carpets, pictures, pen holders, hooks, wall decorations, etc.
Most importantly, the double sided nano tape can be reused after washing and drying.


Quality and length Upgrade

Quality term is above 2 years, Longer shelf life than other tapes in the market.
Most of the length is less than 20ft. Although longer, it costs less per foot than other tapes in the market.
Longer tape can be used in daily life at any time.
Long term storage: stable material quality is not degenerating and easy to storage, and deal with any emergency repair.










Upgraded Thickness


Strong Stickiness

Very adhensive, can hold up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) of kinds of items

Removeable& Traceless

It will not leave residue or glue when it was removed, except for surfaces that tear easily.

Weatherproof & Washable

Can be used outdoors.
For example, Fixed small monitor or door decoration


Interior walls work well

If you are going to affix something to an interior wall. They can be your quick solution for sticking two objects or surface together. We have tested most scenarios for household, It have fixed these items on wall for a long time.









Bathroom Decor

Kitchen Tools

Fixed Anyhing you want

Photo wall

double sided tapedouble sided tape

Prevent the elderly and kids accidentally slipping over the carpet; gift wrapping; attaching photo frame on the wall; keeping the table cloth in place; Fixed decoration, Crafting, Scrapbooking, these are just some regular examples.

How To Prepare A Surface For Tape Application?

For a double tape to work seamlessly, the surface should be dry and clean. It needs to be free from oil, grease or other chemicals. To make sure of that, you should use an appropriate solvent, like water and isopropyl alcohol. After that, wipe the surface clean and dry with a cloth

Surface Energy:

Surface energy is a property of any material, which represents how much of an attracting force the material can apply to another material.

Objects with high surface energy provide a very good surface for bonding. Example of such objects are tiles, glass, shiny metals etc. Material like Teflon, silicone rubber, powder coated has low surface energy and usually don’t work with regular tapes. Because this tape is very sticky, the painted wall is easy to peel off, Not recommended paint wall. in addition, So If you are not sure about some surface, you can use a small piece to try.

How to determine the length of tape:

Tape length(inch) = weight of your item(Lbs) / 0.25lbs. For example, I have a frame 2lbs, 8 (inch) = 2lbs / 0.25, so I need to cut 8 inch Length tape. then, Made sure to hold steady. Sticking to the surface, wait for one day before using.

Believe us, It can fulfill your expectation.

【Nano Grip Technology】Nanotech, dose’t require curing or drying stage,High tensile strength, high ductility, easy to cut.
【 Heavy Duty Mounting Tape】This Double sided tape is durable enough to It can fix all the small items at home, office.
【TEMPERATURE & WEATHERPROOF】perfect for outdoor use such as mounting the monitor,the alarm.
【REUSABLE Nano tape】Nano tape can be reused a couple of times, Just rinse it off in the sink and let it dry before applying it to a new surface.
【Product guarantee】If for unexpected reasons it doesn’t match you, be free to contact our 24 h-support service. We offer to return with a full refund within 30-Days.

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